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UPDATED: Official SAT Practice Test #7 Is Now Available!

Official SAT Practice Test #7 has been released!  You may download it for FREE from the College Board's website or through Khan academy here...

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Get Ready to Download Official SAT Practice Test #7

The rumors are true: SAT Practice Test #7 has been released... sort of. I received my Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) copy a few weeks ago. That's a much speedier turnaround than the May 2016 SAT QAS, which showed up a few days after I took the October 2016 SAT. Credit to College Board for significant improvement on that front. 

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The SAT Drought Is Over! Practice Tests #5 and #6 Now Available for Download

Out here in California, we live in a near constant drought. Even so, we're always optimistic. It seems everybody has heard from somebody that it's going to be a wet winter. Major El Nino. Huge snow pack. 50-year storm. Great skiing. Most of the time it's just wishful thinking, but once in a while it does actually rain. And when it rains, it pours. 

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