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Clear Choice provides all the curriculum, technology, and consulting that tutoring companies need to improve results, increase referrals, and generate more revenue.

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In Our Clients' Words


Before we began working with Clear Choice, we helped only a handful of students per year in SAT and ACT prep. Now, we routinely work with nearly 200 per year! And the score increases have been incredible. We’re really happy with the product. But more importantly, our clients have never been happier!

Sean-Patrick B.
Tutoring Company Owner, Manhattan Beach, CA

Expectations for SAT and ACT score results are HIGH and competition among test preparation companies is FIERCE in my area. To compete in the test preparation space we needed a curriculum that was academically sound but also interesting and engaging for today's “screen” generation of students. Clear Choice Test Prep far exceeded anything we could have imagined! The books are written in an easy-to-read, easy-to grasp format, unlike the text-rich, overwhelming material that exists now. And the online system?…MIND BLOWING.

Tiffany L.
Tutoring Company Owner, San Diego, CA


Grow Your Tutoring Business


More Than Just Textbooks

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Powerful Tools for Tutors & Students

Students use your custom branded test prep portal to complete lessons and quizzes, watch video solutions, and flag problems for review. Instructors log in to assign workbook lessons, create custom quizzes, and analyze full-length tests. Instructors can also analyze individual and class performance, including incomplete assignments, on-time percentages, full-length test scores, concept proficiencies, last login, and time spent watching video solutions. Tutors can see which problems their students have flagged for review. This enables tutors to anticipate and prepare for specific questions. Equally important, it eliminates the need to grade homework during sessions. The result is a 20% increase in tutoring efficiency, more material covered in the same amount of time, greater score improvements, which of course means happier parents and more referrals for you.

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Custom Branded SAT & ACT Workbooks

Stop promoting your competitors by using their branded workbooks! Our entire system can be custom branded to your company — for FREE! We work with you to create workbook covers that communicate the value your company delivers. You provide your logo, color scheme, and a basic vision. That's it! Our team of designers will create workbook covers as as unique as your company. We'll also set you up with a custom web portal, complete with lessons, quizzes, answer sheets, score reports, and email progress reports. Getting started is as easy as giving us a call!  

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Industry Leading Training,
Consulting, & Support

Over the past decade, Clear Choice has helped nearly 250 tutoring companies and more than 1000 tutors improve their offerings and expand their operations. Our consulting began as informal conversations, during which we began sharing growth strategies we'd sourced from partners around the country. Today, we assist test prep professionals with everything from industry analysis to instructor training. We provide promotional materials and assistance with content marketing strategy and execution. We work to understand your business and identify opportunities for growth in your market. After your official launch, we continue to provide email, chat, and phone support in addition to a host of self-serve help resources.


Score Practice Tests and
Print Branded Score Reports...
For Free!


Once your account is set up, you and your tutors may log into your web portal and create as many student accounts as you'd like... for free! Each new student account comes with one free practice test entry and a printable score report. Host a proctored practice/diagnostic SAT or ACT, then schedule follow-up score consultations armed with detailed reports of the students' individual strengths and weaknesses. Point out the areas where you'll focus to get the most efficient gains, and demonstrate value of your courses. Watch your conversion rate soar. All before paying a dime! 


Getting Started:  3 Quick Steps


STEP 1: Setup Your Account


Once your account is set up, you'll be able to order your branded workbooks and per-student license codes at Just add licenses & workbooks to your cart, and checkout. It's like Amazon but with way fewer products. You can get started right now by clicking the link below and filling out the form on the next page. We'll email you with login information as soon as your account is ready (usually within 24-hours).

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STEP 2: Complete the FREE Online Tutor Certification Course

(about 75-minutes)

This resource is designed to help you and your team get up to speed on our system as quickly as possible. The course utilizes helpful videos, instructional articles, and short multiple-choice assessments. Each course includes an overview of the the test (SAT or ACT), highlights the best practices, and provides step-by-step instructions for using the Clear Choice Test Prep System.

To ensure your tutors are ready, we provide a free Practice Student Account with each Tutor Account you create on mySATcourse or myACTcourse. All of these resources are provided free of charge to Clear Choice partners in order to save you time and money on tutor training. Tutor who complete the course may download or print their official certificate of completion.

NOTE: We encourage you to use our system as part of your hiring process. For example, you may require each tutor applicant to complete a full-length test, review the score report, and then "audition" by delivering one or two sample lessons relating to any topics the score report highlighted as areas of greatest potential improvement. 

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3)  Schedule Your FREE "Getting Started" Call


Your partnership with Clear Choice begins with a one-on-one "Getting Started" call with our co-founder, Matt McCorkle. During your 45-minute call, Matt will:

  • Discuss your branding objectives and schedule a design followup
  • Help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current test prep offering
  • Provide you with an overview of our tools, strategies, and best practices
  • Assist you in exploring opportunities to grow your tutoring business
  • Outline an action plan to help you take advantage of those opportunities
  • Answer any questions you may have

NOTE: Please complete the Certification Course in advance of your "Getting Started" call. The course provides the answers to all of the most frequently asked questions, which allows us to make better use of your time during the call. 

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