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As a first step, we invite you to take a moment to subscribe to our blog. That's where we debut all our new free tools for tutors and resources for test prep professionals. We'll never send you anything that we're not confident you'll find useful. That's a promise. 

Our goal is to produce thought provoking content that you'll want to share with your tutors or discuss with partners at your next strategy session. 


a tutor's guide to handling price objections ebook

eBook Library

Over the past decade working with independent tutors and tutoring companies, we've learned that test prep professionals all over tend to struggle with the same few challenges. To address these pain points, we've put together a growing library of eBooks. Whatever challenges your company is facing, chances are we've at least brainstormed some creative solutions to help our partners address them. We encourage you to check out our eBooks. And if you don't see a solution to the specific issue you're facing, please give us a call and tell us about it. We'd love to chat about it. That may be the subject of our next eBook! 

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"AMA" (Ask Matt Anything) Webinar Series

Our public AMA webinar events are open to everyone, so please feel free to register your whole team. The more the merrier!

The first 20-30 minutes consists of news, and feature updates. Often we include a short presentation regarding best practices before opening the floor to your questions. The whole thing lasts around an hour. Participation is encouraged, so bring questions and be prepared to share any relevant insights. We'll always do our best to answer your questions. All we ask is that you refrain from asking questions that you could just as easily Google (e.g. basic facts about the test, test dates, registration fees and deadlines, calculator policy, etc.). We hope you'll join us for the next AMA event!


2019 Social Media "Cheat Sheet"

Part calendar, part brainstorming tool, and part task manager, this resource can help you jumpstart your social media strategy by helping you identify which topics to prioritize at given times throughout the year. The document includes a calendar to track the status of your posts as well as a list of important PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and Subject Test dates to keep in mind. This format enables you to identify the most timely and actionable topics for posts, keywords to hit, target personas to target, calls-to-action to include, and facts to research before publication.

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The Clear Choice Blog

You can learn a lot about a company by reading its blog. That's especially true when it comes to Clear Choice Test Prep.  For example, you'll immediately see that we respect our clients enough to develop content they'll enjoy reading. We don't pump out SEO-optimized lists and time-wasting content marketing. When we publish an article, it's because we think that information can help you improve your test prep services and grow your business. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy reading   


Training, Consulting, and Support for Our Clients

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We can help you launch, oversee, and continuously improve your test prep program. From implementation and operation to trouble-shooting and support, we're your partners in test prep. Below, we've included a few links to some of the services and support we deliver for Clear Choice partners.

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Your Initial "Getting Started" Call
(usually about 45 minutes)

Your partnership with Clear Choice begins with a one-on-one "Getting Started" call with our co-founder, Matt McCorkle. During your 45-minute call, Matt will:

  • Discuss your branding objectives and schedule a design followup

  • Help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current test prep offering

  • Provide you with an overview of our tools, strategies, and best practices

  • Assist you in exploring opportunities to grow your tutoring business

  • Outline an action plan to help you take advantage of those opportunities

  • Answer any questions you may have

NOTE: Please complete the Certification Course in advance of your "Getting Started" call. The course provides the answers to all of the most frequently asked questions, which allows us to make better use of your time during the call.

Schedule Your
sat and act tutor certification courses

Tutor Certification Course

We developed this certification course to help partners streamline the process of onboarding new tutors and getting them up to speed on the structure, content, and strategies of the SAT and ACT. The course also details best practices for test prep tutoring and how to use the Clear Choice workbooks and online resources in accordance with those best practices. The online course consists of helpful articles, video explanations, and a few short assessments. It can be completed in around 75-minutes.

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Comprehensive Q & A Help Resources and Videos

In addition to the Tutor Certification Course, we've integrated help resources directly into the software so you're never more than a click away from the answer to your question. We started by including links to help videos to every screen of our software. Then we added chat support. Next, we added a fully searchable resource library that's segmented for students, tutors, and managers/owners. There, you'll find detailed help articles on everything from How to create a student account to How to prepare for a score consultation.

We offer all of this in addition to our email support, chat support, telephone support, and live events like the AMA webinar series.    


One-On-One Strategy Calls

We bring the experience of 12+ years in the industry to every call.

  • Trouble with your leads funnel?

  • Want to discuss a new marketing initiative?

  • Considering a new pricing model?

  • Ready for a website refresh to drive more business?

  • Choosing between the many online services to streamline your operations?

  • Don't know where to start?

Not a problem!

Give us a call and we'll help you workshop your idea. We help test prep companies like yours identify opportunities and develop innovative strategy.


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