What's it like working with Clear Choice?

Before we began working with Clear Choice, we helped only a handful of students per year in SAT and ACT prep. Now, we routinely work with more than 100 per year! And the score increases have been incredible. We’re really happy with the product. But more importantly, our clients have never been happier!

Sean-Patrick B.
Tutoring Company Owner
Manhattan Beach, CA

I have tutored College Test Prep for over 25 years and have not seen anything as comprehensive as the Clear Choice workbook/courseware combination. When I first saw it, I was blown away. But at the time, I was trying to do the same thing. I've now joined forces with Clear Choice. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Total branding. There is 100% white-label branding on their products. Students and parents cannot find it anywhere but here.

  2. Clear Choice takes the guess work out of College Prep Tutoring. The tutor can see what the student is doing, whether it be a practice test from the publisher, an assignment from the workbook, or a customized quiz.

  3. Students get immediate feedback on assignments and quizzes. With thousands of video solutions, your students can ramp up their test prep into high gear, asking you questions of exactly what they do not understand.

  4. Truly customized tutoring. I love the workbook and quizzes.

  5. Price and Profit. The price point is dead on target. With Clear Choice, we were able to raise our tutoring rates and increase the number of students that we can take on.

Phil M.
Tutoring Company Owner
Pittsburgh, PA

Brothers, Matt and Bryan have written a stellar SAT and ACT curriculum with the most cutting-edge online curriculum to support it. As co-owner of a tutoring company who trains numerous students in test preparation, I have rigorously screened every available curriculum on the market. Clear Choice Test Prep is by far the best. In addition, Matt and Bryan’s customer service and support are EXCEPTIONAL.

Chris L.
Tutoring Company Owner

The more I dig into the Clear Choice system, the more impressed I am with its capabilities. The analytics ensure that each student, tutor, and parent knows exactly what the student should be studying, and the detailed reporting ensures that everyone remains accountable. Couple these with incredible support, and you've got all of the tools necessary for success- your students' and yours. I regularly find myself thinking, "This is even better than I realized."

Ben M.
Tutoring Company Owner
Charleston, SC

Clear Choice Test Prep's workbooks and websites give us an edge over our competitors because we can give students top-notch material, monitor their progress, provide detailed score reports, offer video solutions and generate customized quizzes. The top scores our students achieve are proof that the system works phenomenally well.

Richard D.
Tutoring Company Owner
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Clear Choice’s SAT prep solution allowed my company to quickly scale our test prep services. The system is engaging for our students and easy to learn for our tutors. More importantly, the Clear Choice SAT program allows us to effectively compete with the larger test prep companies by providing curriculum that is on par with, and in many cases superior to, our competitors.

Lincoln T.
Educational Services Company Founder
Atlanta, GA

Working with Clear Choice has made ACT and SAT prep for over 130 students possible! I was able to easily choose and assign lessons to students, upload scores, and monitor student progress both as individuals and as larger classes to observe trends that could inform my instruction. This was especially important for a large group of students at different skill levels in English and Math. Students could work at their own pace using the online platform and utilize the videos to clarify concepts. Clear Choice was able to quickly help with any individual issues or requests that I had and gave excellent training and instructional suggestions along the way.

Stephanie D.
High School Teacher
Los Angeles, CA

Clear Choice has built a fantastic product with their turn-key SAT prep system. We were able to get the Clear Choice Prep system implemented quickly, and we benefit from their fast and responsive continuing support. Because we work with Clear Choice, we’re confident in our ability to provide the most targeted, effective SAT prep in our market.

Brian F.
Tutoring Company Founder
Anchorage, AK

Clear Choice has been a valuable business partner in test prep. Their tools and programs allow our business to compete with the “titans” in the industry. The programs are customizable to address the needs of individual students, to groups and schools. The Clear Choice team is extremely engaged and helpful in growing a test prep business.

Reggie M.
Tutoring Company Owner
Memphis, TN

Simply put, Clear Choice provides the most superior and effective SAT preparation tool on the market. I offer this as a lifetime educator and director of college prep for the city of Boston. The content is spot on, the personalization is unsurpassed, and most importantly, my students actually enjoy using the software! Oh, and their scores go up. Way up!

Virginia R.
Tutoring Company Owner
San Diego, CA

Expectations for SAT and ACT score results are HIGH and competition among test preparation companies is FIERCE in my area. To compete in the test preparation space we needed a curriculum that was academically sound but also interesting and engaging for today's “screen” generation of students. Clear Choice Test Prep far exceeded anything we could have imagined! The books are written in an easy-to-read, easy-to grasp format, unlike the text-rich, overwhelming material that exists now. And the online system?…MIND BLOWING.

Tiffany L.
Tutoring Company Owner
San Diego County, CA

Matt and Bryan are great guys to work with, and will help you in any way they can. They also have a quality product that rivals or surpasses major publishers and corporate test prep companies. Clear Choice is really the best of both worlds - small company attitude, with a top-tier product.

John C.
Tutoring Company Owner
Henderson, NV

I would recommend Clear Choice Test Prep to anybody. They are extremely responsive to questions and help you with their system along the way. The product itself is great. I’ve had students who have made very large increases in their scores after using the program and the tutors also enjoy using it. The videos are great and the fact that the tutors can create focused quizzes is also an awesome feature.

Margaret A.
Educational Consultant
Colorado Springs, CO

I am very impressed by the team at Clear Choice. They have put together a great system that will help any SAT or ACT instructor to significantly improve both the quality of lessons and the student’s preparation experience. Whether you are new to test preparation or have years of experience, I highly recommend that you take a comprehensive look at the Clear Choice system.

Jared W.
Tutoring Company President
La Jolla, CA

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