Download a PDF Copy of Official Practice SAT #8 from Khan Academy

Download Official Practice SAT Test #8 from Khan Academy. 

Download Official Practice SAT Test #8 from Khan Academy. 

Download Official Practice SAT Test #8 from Khan Academy. 

If you're only here looking for new sat practice tests for tutors, then click the link below to download SAT Test #8:

College Board's Official Practice Test #8 on the Khan Academy Website. 

If you're looking for any of the other official practice SAT tests from the College Board, then click this link:

Official College Board SAT Practice Tests #1 - #7 can be downloaded here

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As we mentioned in a previous post, Clear Choice Test Prep has already analyzed the College Board's Official SAT Practice Test #8, so all of our partners will be able to generate FREE, full-color, custom-branded test score reports. Download sample score reports here!

Best of all, this feature is 100% FREE for all of our partners! 

That means you can create as many student accounts as you'd like. You can assign each account one of the eight official full-length SAT tests. You score and analyze the full-length practice tests. And you can print a fully branded test score report with item analysis and actionable suggestions for areas of greatest potential improvement. Oh yeah, and you can do all of that for FREE.

That's just one of the ways that we help our partners to promote their test prep services while streamlining operations and cutting costs at the same time! 

Our SAT score reports include detailed item analysis, a comprehensive chart of each student's strengths and weaknesses, and areas of greatest potential improvement. If you're still trying to market your test prep tutoring without offering detailed score reports, then you're missing out on the single most effective tool for promoting your tutoring company. 

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P.S.  We don't need to tell you how important it is to use real SAT tests to measure the effectiveness of your SAT prep tutoring. But just in case you're considering swapping out best practices for a fake exam, be sure to check out this post

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