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BREAKING: New Practice Test 1874FPRE has been released!

The folks at ACT have released what they're calling the 2018|2019 ACT Practice Test. Test prep gurus and professional tutors of all sorts have seen this play out enough times to know that "new" content from the ACT isn't generally new.  So what's the deal with ACT 1874FPRE? Where can you download a PDF of the new ACT practice test? And how should you use it with your students? 

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5 Non-Science Skills Students Must Have to Succeed on the ACT Science Test

You may have heard that the ACT Science test doesn't actually test science. That's true, but it's not the whole story. It's essential that students master these five skills before they sit down to take the ACT test. Clear Choice Test Prep helps tutors deliver an exceptional test prep experience.

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Get Ready to Download Official SAT Practice Test #7

The rumors are true: SAT Practice Test #7 has been released... sort of. I received my Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) copy a few weeks ago. That's a much speedier turnaround than the May 2016 SAT QAS, which showed up a few days after I took the October 2016 SAT. Credit to College Board for significant improvement on that front. 

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