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The Most Infamous Example of Cultural Bias on the SAT

This week, we examine the mystery surrounding the most infamous SAT problem of all time.  Every local newspaper, it seems, is obligated to print at least one story per year decrying the SAT as a biased and invalid form of cruel and unusual punishment. These articles no doubt make for effective click bait. However, if you're familiar with the test, you'll immediately realize that these articles are generally 100% research-free.

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What the College Board Could Learn from the Netflix Hit, NARCOS

In deciding how to deal with this problem, the College Board may want to check out NARCOS, the hit Netflix show, which follows two DEA agents as they attempt to capture Pablo Escobar. The parallels aren't immediately obvious, but the security challenges faced by the College Board are in many ways similar to those faced by the men and women tasked with thwarting international drug traffickers. 

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