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5 Best Ways to Help a Student with a College Admission Essay (Part 2)

These final two tips focus more on the actual writing process itself. This is an area where too little help could result in a weak, error-ridden submission. Conversely, too much help could raise concerns that the applicant’s essay is actually the work of someone else.

So how do you toe the line between too much and too little?

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5 Best Ways to Help Students with College Admission Essays

The essay is one of the most important pieces of a successful college application. It is also one of the only opportunities students have to put a personal and descriptive touch on their candidacies.

As such, the college essay can also be one of the most challenging and stressful steps in applying to college. Ensuring that you can effectively support a student through the college essay writing process is an invaluable resource to be able to offer to your clients.

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Should Your Students Take the SAT Essay now that Harvard Won't Require It?

Next year, Harvard's pool of applicants will not be required to send SAT Essay scores. In a recently announced policy shift, Harvard has joined fellow Ivies Columbia, Cornell, and Penn in no longer requiring applicants to submit either of the optional SAT or ACT writing tests.

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Day Three of SXSWedu - Keep Education Weird!

I didn't take this picture of the Austin skyline. It's a stock photo from a few years back. You can tell because there aren't any construction cranes in the picture. Right now, as I type this, there are approximately 20 throughout the city

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Day Two of SXSWedu - How to Sell Test Prep to Schools

EdTech is an exciting field. I'm thrilled to be a part of it. But selling test prep (or anything at all) to schools can feel scary and confusing. Those are the times it feels less like an exciting field and more like an intimidating hedge maze.

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Day One of SXSWedu - Miss Frizzle Cosplay & Edward James Olmos

I don't have time to put together a full recap of the day's events. And anyway, there's no shortage of official and unofficial outlets live-tweeting from the back row of every presentation. Instead, I'll just share a few of the more interesting things I experienced on day one of SXSWedu.  

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College Admissions Timeline For Test Prep Tutors and Students

Virginia here. I’m back with more college admissions info tutors need to know and be able to share with students and parents. This blog post kicks off our admissions calendar, focusing first on junior year: the most critical time period in the college admissions process

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College Admissions Basics: What You Need to Know as a Test Prep Tutor

Have you ever been tripped up on a question about college admissions? You don’t want to get caught in this trap—especially during a test prep consultation. You may not even realize that you’ve lost a potential client or simply haven’t appeared well rounded to colleagues, parents, even students. This blog is about to change all that. And today is the day that we kick it off!

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