Make Test Prep Your New Year's Resolution!

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Adding a comprehensive, differentiated test prep program to your repertoire is the best way to make 2018 your best tutoring year yet!  And unlike losing 15 pounds, it's easier than you might think. But just like losing 15 pounds, the trick is to start BEFORE the holidays!

Start with a solid curriculum

Whether test prep is something you are familiar with or not, you’re going to need materials to teach with. There are a lot of choices out there ranging from off the shelf test prep workbooks to subscription-based online programs. The problem with these curricula is that they are produced by test prep companies and are emblazoned with their logos. By using them, you are effectively promoting your competition (if you could find the materials, so can your clients!) and running the risk of losing business.

Opting for a white-label solution like Clear Choice Prep’s offerings means it is your logos and branding your clients will see on your SAT worksheets or ACT scoresheets, not your competitors’.

Furthermore, Clear Choice Prep’s all-inclusive curriculum and software can engage students, promote accountability, and generate data-driven instruction. With this type of tool set, you can be up and running as a test prep tutor in time to start prepping students for the spring SAT and ACT test dates.

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Get comfortable with the basics

When adding new courses to your tutoring menu, it is critical that you are fully prepared to teach them before accepting your first client. Even with a user-friendly curriculum, there are important pieces of the test prep equation that you must be familiar with if you expect to be able to pitch your course successfully to a client:

Know the differences - The SAT and ACT have a lot of similarities and differences. You need to know what they are and be prepared to guide students towards the best fit. This Ebook will help guide you:

Ebook - SAT vs. ACT
Download the SAT vs. ACT Ebook

Test dates

Establishing a realistic timeline is essential for a successful test prep effort. Put all of the 2018 SAT and ACT test dates on your calendar immediately! 

2017-18 SAT and ACT Test Dates


Upcoming SAT Test Dates: 

December 02, 2017
March 10, 2018
May 5, 2018
June 2, 2018

Upcoming ACT Test Dates:

December 09, 2017
February 10, 2018
April 14, 2018
June 9, 2018
July 14, 2018


Registration Deadlines:

Your students can’t take a test they haven’t signed up for! Add the 2018 registration dates for both the SAT and the ACT to your calendar so that you can help remind students to reserve their seats for test day.

SAT Test Registration Deadlines:

(March 10, 2018 SAT) Feb 09, 2018
(May 5, 2018 SAT) Apr 06, 2018
(June 2, 2018 SAT) May 03, 2018

ACT Test Registration Deadlines:

(February 10, 2018 ACT) Jan 12, 2018
(April 14, 2018 ACT) March 9, 2018
(June 9, 2018 ACT) May 4, 2018
(July 14, 2018 ACT) June 15, 2018 


Testing conditions

Read up on what test day will be like for your students. Pay attention to things like timing, calculator usage, and available accommodations. This will help you offer students practice that mimics the actual testing experience.

Taking the SAT as a Grown-up

From the archive: What's It Like Taking the SAT as a Grown-up?

Know the rules - The SAT and ACT also have strict guidelines about, among other things, what information can and cannot be shared. Failing to comply with rules and regulations could result in harsh consequences for your test prep venture.

Score reporting dates – After test day, your job isn’t done! Know when students get access to their SAT or ACT scores so that you can follow up. The only way to know how students performed on their tests is if they share their results with you.

Reading a score report – The SAT and ACT provide fairly detailed feedback about a test-taker’s performance. Become comfortable with interpreting the available data so that you can both help clients understand it and set goals for further improvement.

Download a Sample SAT Score Report

Capitalize on your successes

Just as starting your tutoring business took time, so does growing a test prep program. You can speed up the process by being proactive about client communication. As your first crop of test prep students gets their scores back, be prepared to follow up with them.

Unlike academic tutoring, once students pass their tests, it is likely that they will no longer need your services. If students find success, make it a point to solicit testimonials and referrals that will help you continue to grow your test prep business.

If there is still room for improvement, encourage your students to pursue gains through additional test prep tutoring. Use the data from a student’s detailed score report to create a clear plan for the material that needs attention along with a timetable for getting it done before the next test date.

With the right tools and some deliberate planning, 2018 can be the year you find success as a test prep tutor.

What challenges do you foresee in adding test prep to your business? Share them with our community of test prep experts in the comments below and on social media – help is just a question away!

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