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In writing Seven Marketing Mistakes Tutoring Companies Make — and How to Avoid Them, we set out to identify where tutoring companies go wrong when promoting their tutoring services. While the mistakes we've chosen to profile are not committed universally, the challenges that drive tutoring companies to commit these mistakes are present in virtually every market we've studied.

We hope that as you read this you'll be able to celebrate having avoided a few of these mistakes. That said, we hope that you'll cringe at least once as you come across a mistake you're currently making. Without those cringeworthy moments, you'd have nothing to improve upon. And if you've got nothing to improve upon, then your business has gone as far as it can go.

With that in mind, we hope you'll see this ebook as an opportunity to discover new ways to grow your tutoring company. 

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 - Detailed explanations of the seven most common mistakes made by tutoring companies

 - Thoughtful analysis of the underlying causes of these mistakes

 - Helpful suggestions and actionable advice to help you make meaningful changes within your company

 - Links to additional resources to help you grow your tutoring company

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