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Get your huge Tutor Doctor Discount


Get Your Huge Tutor Doctor Discount

As a result of our long-standing partnership with Tutor Doctor, we can offer student workbooks with student access to the extensive web portal at a huge discount. "Zees" may purchase our products, for $109-$139/student, depending on volume purchased. For comparison, other clients pay $350/student.

Zero Upfront Fees

For Tutor Doctor, we waive all upfront fees (usually $1000 per company for setup). You pay $0.

Extensive Tutor Doctor Branding

As a Franchisee, your workbooks, web portal, printable test score reports (a big sales tool), and more are extensively branded with the Tutor Doctor logos, colors, and your specific contact information. This is the edge you've been looking for!

Please take a moment to complete the form below, so we can:

  • Register you for Tutor Doctor discounted pricing at orders.clearchoiceprep.com

  • Set up custom URLs for your custom SAT and ACT branded web portals

  • Provide you with a reusable link to grant your tutors access to the free tutor certification course

One note: Please use your Tutor Doctor email address. It's how we know that you are a Tutor Doctor franchisee. Otherwise, we won’t be able to give you all the perks.


Step 2: (about 50 minutes)
Schedule Your "Getting Started" Call, with Matt McCorkle, Co-founder


Guess What: This One’s Also Free! $0.

Just click the button below, and you’ll go directly to Matt’s calendar. He sets aside time slots for these calls, so you should be able to find one that works well for you.

“Our success comes from your success.” That was our motto when we started this company over a decade ago, and it's as true now as it was then. Consequently, we continue to give you access to Matt and the experience he’s gained from helping hundreds of tutoring companies just like yours.

During your call, Matt will:

  • evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current test prep offering

  • discuss your market and the opportunities for leveraging test prep to grow your franchise

  • assist you in exploring opportunities to grow your tutoring business

  • outline an action plan to help you take advantage of those opportunities

  • provide you with an overview of the Tutor Doctor Test Prep System

  • connect you with free help resources

  • and answer any questions you may have