2018 Social Media
"Cheat Sheet"

Use this spreadsheet to help you track and optimize your social media strategy


social media calendar cheat sheet for test prep tutors 2018

This spreadsheet will help you organize your social media strategy. We've included a calendar with all the important SAT and ACT dates to keep in mind. It also includes holidays and worksheets to help you come up with valuable content marketing for your clients. The spreadsheet format helps you track subjects of your posts, keywords, target personas, calls to action, and topics for further research. If you've been neglecting your blog because you didn't know what you wanted to share with your clients, then now is the time to get serious about promoting your test prep!


To get the 2018 Social Media "Cheat Sheet," please complete the form, then click "Plan Your Social Media Strategy." We use the information you provide to continue to improve our products and services. And, as always, we'll never share or sell your info.