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Tutoring is one of the most time-tested business models in the “gig economy”. It is a service that has perpetual demand thanks to a steady potential client base. As long as there are students, there will be a need for educators to work with them. For those with the ability to help struggling students learn, tutoring can be a great source of income.

Different Clients Demand Different Test Prep Options

When most people consider local test prep options, several tutoring methods come to mind: in person tutoring at a local library or in-home tutoring at the dining room table. Parents may choose to contact a local learning center for test prep or look into an after-school “homework club” at the local community center. These traditional, face-to-face tutoring experiences are all well and good, but there is another option that can be just as effective by virtue of its versatility: online tutoring.

The Unique Value of Online Tutoring

For students, online tutoring can be an excellent way to receive SAT or ACT prep tutoring. Online test prep provides all of the benefits of face-to-face tutoring without the need to coordinate travel or book a location to meet. In fact, working in a digital environment rather than a physical space opens up the opportunities for increased flexibility, accountability, and success.

There's something to be said for the freedom of digitally mediated, face-to-face tutoring. Tutoring sessions can theoretically happen anywhere and anytime as long as both tutor and student(s) can access a stable internet connection. Eliminating travel considerations can even free up time that tutors can then allocate to making sure they're fully prepared to deliver an exceptional test prep experience during each session.

Online test prep courses are a natural response to the busy schedules of tutors and students. Utilizing technology to deliver online tutoring, enables tutors and their test prep clients to fully devote themselves to the actual work at hand. This may seem insignificant on the surface, but it's actually not when you consider that every in-person tutoring session involves FOUR separate trips.

Not only do test prep tutors need to travel to and from each test prep session, but students must also travel both ways. This can be difficult when tutoring sessions must be slotted into the few available hours between classes at school and bedtime. That's to say nothing of family dinners, high school sports, extracurricular activities, subject tutoring, social events, and weekend commitments.

Is Online Test Prep Right For You?

Many tutors worry that they're a step or two behind on technology. This is particularly true of some of the best in person tutors, those with classroom experience or a long history of success as a test prep tutors. This concern comes up all the time from tutors who book a time to learn more about Clear Choice Test Prep to learn how to grow their businesses with custom branded test prep. Generally, a successful in-person tutor would love to become a successful online tutor if not for the fear that adding an online system might complicate their lives.

Fortunately, it only takes 15-20 minutes to learn how to grow your tutoring business, improve SAT scores, raise ACT scores, and generate more student referrals with online tutoring. In fact, the Clear Choice system of branded test prep books an branded tutoring software will make your life easier. You can optimize tutor training, reduce prep time, and hold your students accountable for their role in the test prep process. 

Is it Time For an Upgrade?

Is the Internet Right For You?

Worried you're not ready for a software demo?  Think  you're not tech savvy enough to offer online test prep tutoring? Take this quick test to find out whether you're ready. Watch this video: 


Let's find out how you did.

If your reaction was "Yeah, what is 'Internet?' And how can anyone make sense of symbols like '@' and words like 'dot com'? And where did I leave my slide rule?!" then you're probably not cut out for online tutoring. Sorry.

If your reaction was literally anything else, then you're probably ready.


If you thought that video was a humorous time capsule from a world before the Internet, then you've earned bonus points! Sadly, we're immediately taking away those bonus points as a penalty for your failing to seize the opportunity of online test prep. Easy come, easy go.

The market is ready, but it won't wait for you.

Haven't already begun using test prep tools for professional tutors? Perhaps you just haven't found the right tools yet? Well, you're in luck!

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