How to Promote Test Prep Services

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Tutoring -- especially test prep -- is a high margin service industry. Spending a few bucks on promotional items can make a big difference in your ability to gather and close leads at the next college fair or back to school night. 

Before you begin brainstorming ways to reach more students, you must first make sure you're fully prepared to deliver the best possible test prep experience for your students.

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Once you're confident that you've got your test prep offering optimized, you'll want to start thinking about ways to get it in front of more parents and students. Here are a few suggestions for some very low hanging fruit that can help you get the attention of your market.  

Branded Promotional Items To Get Customers Attention

Once you've got their attention, it's time to dazzle them with all the features and benefits that set your system apart. Here are a few suggestions to help you close the sale and deliver an exceptional test prep experience.   

Branded Items that Help You Close Sales Consultations

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Do It Yourself Branded Promotional Items

  • Branded Info Packets for Parents
  • Branded Info Packets for Students 

Promotional Items Tutors Should Absolutely Avoid

  • Branded Clothing:
    • Your students do NOT want to wear anything with your logo on it.
  • Candy, Cookies, or Anything Else That's Edible
    • Giving away anything edible is a little creepy. 
  • Cash, Gift Cards, Discounts, and Anything Else That Feels Like a Kickback.
    • Nothing says "we value you as a customer" like, "New customers are worth $50.00!"
  • Anything You Wouldn't Enthusiastically Use or Give To Your Own Child.
    • This includes fidget spinners, obviously.

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