Get Your 2018 Social Media Calendar for Test Prep Tutors!

2018 Social Media Calendar for Test Prep Tutors

It's that time again!  Time to get serious about optimizing your interactions with students.  Too many tutors and test prep professionals bombard their followers on social media with worthless content. Today's post is designed to help you avoid that mistake by creating posts that are timely, relevant, and actionable. 

We've made a few improvements to our Social Media Cheat Sheet for Tutors! 

Q: What did you improve?

A: First and foremost, we're calling it the 2018 Social Media Calendar for Test Prep Tutors. Frankly, it's a more appropriate title. I went against my better instincts in calling it a "cheat sheet" last year. This is a powerful resource to elevate your social media presence. It's not the quick fix that "cheat sheet" implied. The name should reflect that. Hence the new title, 2018 Social Media Calendar for Test Prep Tutors.

More importantly, we:

  1. Improved the usability of the document by breaking each month into its own sheet
  2. Removed some unnecessary complexity and improved the formatting.
  3. Added a template to help you brainstorm quality posts and organize your content into a coherent series.
  4. Added a standardized testing timeline sheet to help you think about your long term posting  schedule.   

Q: Sounds cool.  But what exactly is a social media calendar?

A: Great question! 

The 2018 Social Media Calendar for Test Prep Tutors is essentially a fancy Google spreadsheet that functions as an editorial calendar. In layman's terms, that's a resource that helps you organize and schedule your social media content.

Q: Maybe this is a stupid question, but why do I need to schedule my social media posts?

A: There are no stupid questions! 

First, because if you don't schedule your posts ahead of time, they won't get done. And second, because you care about your clients and you value their time. You don't want to spam them with thinly veiled content marketing. Thoughtful scheduling your posts shows students, parents, teachers, and administrators that you value their time enough to post content that's relevant and actionable to them. 

Okay. But why do I need this social media calendar?

Another quality query! 

You need the Clear Choice 2018 Social Media Calendar for Test Prep Tutors because because you value your time! The unique thing about this resource is that we've included all the relevant dates and deadlines to help you post high-value reminders for your clients: SAT dates, ACT dates, SAT & ACT registration deadlines, score release reminders, U.S. Holidays and other helpful content.  

Q: So is 'fancy Google spreadsheet' includes EVERYTHING I need to be a social media wizard and dominate the Test Prep and Tutoring space?

A: I stand corrected; this is a stupid question. 

This social media guide for tutors and test prep professionals isn't intended to be a comprehensive social media strategy. That would be ridiculous. Think of this resource as a framework within which you can easily create a coherent series of on-brand, on-message, timely and actionable social media posts. 

Q: I apologize.

That's not a question.  But I accept your apology.  

Q:  Right... So... how do I use this resource?

A: It's free! And you can get it by clicking the giant button marked "Get the FREE Social Media Calendar for Test Prep Tutors." Also, that was clearly two questions. Just saying.

Q: Cool. I'm on it.  Any last instructions? 

A: Yeah, keep in mind that the link only allows you to view the Social Media Calendar for Test Prep Tutors. Before you can edit the spreadsheet, you'll need to log into your Google account and make a copy of the spreadsheet.

Q: Is that difficult? 

A: No. It isn't. But if you're easily intimidated by computers or how-to lists with more than one step, you can click here for a short video on how to set up a Google account. Once you've logged into your Google account, open the 2018 Social Media Calendar for Test Prep Tutors. 

To make a copy of the Google Sheet, click "File" in the top right corner of the screen and then select "Make Copy."

Copy a Google Spreadsheet


Just like that, you're ready to start cranking out solid social media content marketing pieces to help you generate and convert leads!


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