We offer a variety of options and support services to help tutoring companies and schools of all sizes in all markets meet their goals, be them better results, more leads, increased conversion rates, higher profit, or all of the above. Just check out some of our client testimonials. Also, see the discount list below.

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Some (Significant) Discounts We Offer:

  • Volume discounts starting for quantities of as few as 10 student licenses

  • Discounts for schools and non-profits

  • Discounted per-student licenses for classes and small groups

  • Negotiated discounts for members of some franchises (inquire for a list)

  • Discounts for companies serving smaller or less affluent markets

  • Some additional extenuating circumstances

* Also, FREE design services for most of the above. ($750 to $1000 value)


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The "No-Brainer" Engagement Discount:

We'll give you an extra 20% of your first purchase for free. Seriously.

Everyone should take advantage of this one (and most do)! Basically, get involved = get free additional licenses! It's that simple. Just complete the following within your first 4 weeks:


The tutor training course

Despite its name, it’s even more critical for owners/managers. This one seems obvious. If you're going to buy a power tool, learn how to turn it on. Get your login here.

Your "Getting Started" Meeting

Hint: If Co-founder, Matt McCorkle, wants to give you FREE consulting to help you analyze your business and kickstart your program, take advantage of it. Schedule it here.

 Attend at least 2 webinars in the first 6 weeks

 We find regular webinar attendance (owners, as well as managers and/or tutors) correlates highly with success. We want to help you become a team of pros! The webinars are offered regularly, with reruns if you can make the live ones. Here's the schedule.

Honestly, we shouldn't have to bribe you to do this stuff. All these items are FREE for clients and will pay off tenfold in your success. But we do, because we know sometimes day-to-days get in the way of the game-changers. So please, no sitting on the sidelines. We're invested in your success!

* Note: This is a one-time offer for your first purchase only. Also, you need to buy at least 5 licenses for this because fractional licenses don't make sense.


For our products and services, we strive to provide great value to help you grow. We invite you to get a quote today.

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