Sample ACT Prep Curriculum

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Our system delivers great results by utilizing a modular lesson approach, which enables tutors and students to focus directly on the areas of greatest potential improvement.  

Your 100% BRANDED ACT workbooks include:

  • Detailed macro strategy guides for each section of the ACT
  • More than 600 pages of content
  • More than 950 ACT* problems, each with a detailed video solution
  • More than 100 illustrated solutions in the student workbook
  • Access to more than 1000 additional ACT* practice problems online
  • Skill building practice exercises
  • Fully updated essay guide
  • Seamless integration with robust online tools and support resources for tutors and students, including:
    • course planner & template system
    • custom quiz generator
    • diagnostic test grader & analysis tools
    • data tracking & reporting tools 
    • one-click email progress reports
    • FREE training & support resources for instructors. 
  • Teacher Editions available